All the tips, tricks, websites and extreme tactics you need to make the shops and supermarkets weep

Discover how I use a combination of coupons, websites and extreme discounting techniques to get everything from baked beans for 5p to champagne for free!

Radical techniques that can get you 20%, 40% and even 90% discounts on everything from your weekly food shop to your bills, your thrills and even your iPhone!

I even used nothing but vouchers to buy a PSP for my daughter. Didn't have to pay ANY cash!

PLUS: How you can even use this fun hobby to bring in an extra £400 a month!

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Dear Friend,

Fed up with shelling out half your hard-earned cash just on escalating grocery costs every week? Tired of being squeezed for payments from all directions and feeling like you're hemorrhaging cash?

Then it's time to make it STOP.

Last year, Tesco posted profits of £3.54 billion, up 11.3% on the previous year. Well, this year I'm going to show you how you can get some of that back.

In fact, some of the tactics I'm going to show you will cut the price of what you're buying SO LOW; you might even start worrying that YOU are ripping off the shops!

If your current outgoings look something like this...

... then I'd like to show you how you can get them
looking more like this...

I'll also show you how you can get bigger discounts on all your big item shopping than you currently think possible...

... how you can beat the prices put up on comparison sites for insurance...

... and how you can easily HALVE the money you'll ever have to fork out in the supermarkets again.

Get up to a 90% discount on EVERYTHING

Whatever you want to buy... whatever you see in the shops... I'll let you in on all the Extreme Discounting techniques you can use to get it for as much as 90% cheaper, including:

Are you ready to see the looks of shock and horror on the shop assistants' faces?!

My name is Lucy Cummings and I'm just a regular part-time working mum who ADORES the challenge of getting stuff at discount.

Over the years I've turned Extreme Discounting into an exciting hobby and sport that allows me to save thousands of pounds a year... to have great fun as I shop... and to enjoy quite a high level of luxuries and treats that I wouldn't be able to afford otherwise.

I am not, you see, one of these 'penny pinchers' who darns their own socks, lives on horrible food, or grubs around the supermarket floors hunting for other peoples leftover vouchers.

I like to eat nice food. To wear nice clothes. And occasionally drink champagne.

But my favourite thing of all: the joy of getting hold of these things for next to nothing... of getting something worth £20 for £2... and of playing the shops at their own game.

In my Extreme Discounters' Bible, for example, I'll tell you about:

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Extreme Discounters BibleMy friends can never believe how CHEAPLY
I manage to get things

My friends are always saying that they just don't know how I do it. And "can you teach us some of your tricks?"

"In fact, why don't you put a book together about it?" said one. "You've got better tricks than anybody out there."

So that is what I've done. I've called it The Extreme Discounters' Bible because as I've said before, these aren't half-measure tactics.

If you want to know the rules, the habits, the tactics and more importantly the websites that I use, then this Bible will tell you all the secrets you need to squeeze them till they squeak and make them cry out in horror!

Download your Bible now and you will instantly have in your hands some of the most magical and extreme discounting weapons and full-out guerilla warfare strategies known to modern day woman and man including:

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"Just waiting for the cashier to give you the total of your supermarket bill is enough to give you a heart attack these days"

The recent Consumer Credit Report revealed that more than 12 million adults intended to buy daily essentials with credit cards this January, up eight per cent on last year. More than a third of credit card holders will rely on credit cards for everyday purchases.

And this is hardly surprising. I don't know anyone who doesn't wonder how they will be able to afford and deal with the rising costs of just living and paying their bills - let alone having enough money to buy themselves new pants or a few pints down the pub.

Just waiting for the cashier to give you the total of your supermarket bill is enough to give you a heart attack these days. And this is just the start of your expenses. Whether it's an appliance that needs replacing in the kitchen... a necessary trip to the dentist... or just another round of birthday parties coming up...

And they say "I wonder why everybody's suffering so much stress these days?"!!!

Relieve some of that financial anxiety by slashing ALL of your costsGuarantee

I have written The Extreme Discounters' Bible because I want to help other people deal with the enormous anxiety that money can cause in this financial climate.

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In The Extreme Discounters' Bible I will show you everything that you have read here today and more including:

Every morning when you get out of bed another day of expenses, shopping and financial stress awaits you. Arm yourself with a copy of The Extreme Discounters' Bible and I GUARANTEE it will make it all a little bit easier... and a lot less expensive.

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Best wishes and happy discounting

Lucy Cummings

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